Oh stop it you naughty ,wonderful woman ! Those colours are gorgeous. I shall have my head in my stash . I just finished a reds and plums Jane inspired shawl . I was gardening yesterday and my roses inspired me to make a rose shawl .I have three colours in my tiny patch .They all smell wonderful .Ivy has crept in amongst them and so I am searching out colours . Green isn't a colour I buy often except very blue/green . I shall have a surf , I already have some Colinette that I can use.

By angie Cox on 2007 05 24

From the entry 'THE COLORS OF SPAIN, PT 1'.
The colors of that capelet gives me goose bumps. And this from someone who mostly wears, and knits with deep saturated colors. Gives me inspiration to try something new. I was finally able to order your book from Lulu, and I can't wait to get it. Esther

By Esther Gumpert on 2007 05 18

From the entry 'THE COLORS OF SPAIN, PT 1'.
;-) I see "Zanzibar" there a favourite Colinette yarn. The shell capelet is so beautiful .

By angie Cox on 2007 05 18

I have begun knitting the Field of Dreams and have learned from doing 2 of your patterns previously, Jane. I analyzed myself and the kind of knitting I enjoy before selecting this pattern and my yarns. I'm 5' tall and in my 70s. I can't wear heavy, weighty garments. So I've selected lighter yarns and and am really enjoying the long rows that allow me to watch TV or talk w/o quick pattern changes. The book is great just to look thru, even w/o using one of the patterns.

By Mary Bowman-Kruhm on 2007 05 15

From the entry 'THE COLOR CULTURE'.
How gorgeous. It reminds me of the houses in Barbados where my husband's family come from. They used to be gorgeous painted wooden stuctures. Like Adobes the poor got brought out and they are fashionable dwellings now. Our sea-side huts in kind of Miami colours are terribly expensive. Victoria Wood recently showed us Newfoundland where I adored the old dwellings. Best of all was hearing the Irish accent still in the voices. When Weat-Indians first came to Britain the natives were outraged when they painted their houses . My aunt lived next door to one family and loved it she had a very wild sense of colour for a white Brit. She'd ice her cakes in extraordinary colours back in the 60's . I think I got a lot from her , her attic was her sewing room crammed with threads and fabrics.

By angie Cox on 2007 05 15

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