From the entry 'Joy to the Scarf'.
I would like to join.

By Marcia Daniel on 2013 12 15

From the entry 'Joy to the Scarf'.
Jane - I joined your 2014 member group at the beginnning of December and have not yet received my scarf patterns. How do I access these stunnning patterns? thank you kindly - Ellen Pulaski

By Twinkle on 2013 12 15

From the entry 'Santa Fe and Taos Cadres'.
Jane, sign me up for this one. I love all your e-mails and can't wait for another cadre. Also, am looking at the Vancouver one. Hope more info will be available soon. Think of you, John and all my new friends and memories often.

By Martha Tehan on 2013 11 30

From the entry 'Knitting Away into the Sunshine with Blue Heron Yarns and....me!'.
Oh, if only I was a more proficient knitter! Your designs are SO inspiring, the very beauty of them is contagious. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations and imagination. Barbara in So.California

By barbara edwards on 2013 11 15

From the entry 'Next Florida Cadre: St. Augustine, Florida. February 23, 24, 24 2014'.
My friend, Donna Amato, was telling me about your next trip to St. Augustine. I would like some information about it. What are the dates? I see you posted February 23, 24, and then 24 again. Is it two days or three? Also, what are the costs and do I buy my yarn when I arrive? Thanks. Judi

By judi gleicher on 2013 07 18

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