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Bless you for the tips, and your web page honestly looks excellent. Just what wp design are you using?

By Jeffrey Smith on 2012 02 15

From the entry 'COME LIVE THE DREAM: KNITALY 2012 TOUR'.
Awesome!! I want to know more about KNITALY 2011 tour.

By David Ben on 2011 05 02

From the entry 'KNITALY! 2010 Knitting the Tuscan Dream'.
I made friends with whom I've stayed in contact on the first 2007 trip. And the scarf I made always garners admiring comments whenever I wear it. It was a great experience. Knitting in a bus as you're driven to a winery or an old village or a church is absolutely the way to travel.

By Mary Bowman-Kruhm on 2010 02 06

From the entry 'KNITALY! 2010 Knitting the Tuscan Dream'.
I was privledged to be part of the group in 2008. All I can say is beg, borrow or collect deposit soda cans to pay for this trip. It is beyond wonderful. As a knitter it was a fabulous treat to be with like-minded folks but there is sooo much more to this excursion. Jane and Company are supurb hosts, accomodations great and AHHHH the food! Do what you must to get there!

By Diana on 2010 02 06

From the entry 'KNITALY! 2010 Knitting the Tuscan Dream'.
Oh my god this is a once in a life time dream trip for me - time to start praying for the money fairy to shine upon me. I will be following you all in my heart. :)

By Helen on 2010 02 05

From the entry 'KNITALY! 2010 Knitting the Tuscan Dream'.
Too bad this was not happening in a week. I would so love to be in on it. But I dont think my hubby would let me come back over in Oct. I leave for France in 3 days and then will be in Florence in about 4 or 5 days later.I cant wait!

By Brandy on 2008 06 03

From the entry 'KNITALY! 2010 Knitting the Tuscan Dream'.
I'm already excited about the Knitaly trip. For anyone equally excited, I found a website http://www.italyguides.it/us/florence/florence_italy.htm where I could download iPod or MP3 player short audio podcasts about places we'll see in Florence. I listened to the one on Michelangelo's David and it was excellent. ==Mary

By Mary Bowman-Kruhm on 2007 04 18

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