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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Little free-Range Veat-a-long Part 7




Dear Little vest-a-longers, how are you wherever you are today? It's still cold here with threats of rain (again) but I'm not complaining. Think of all the knitting and writing I'm getting done?

So, I know you've been waiting for the next installment of your vest—the sides—and here they are. I'm hoping you'll be surprized by how easy this is. First, don your vest to decided how wide and long you need your armhole to be to fit you. I tend to like my armholes long and roomy so you'll see by the photo how deep they are and the fact that my vest is short in length makes the armhole even longer-looking. Mark where you want your armhole to begin. Ready?

  • With the right side front facing you, pick up and knit from the marking to the bottom of your vest. This works out to be 20 stitches for me but yours will differ depending on preference. Knit back towards the marker on the next row (wrong side). Turn, and on the next right-side row, bind off one stitch. Repeat, knitting every row and binding off 3 more times at the upper armhole edge.
  • Work straight until you have reached the necessary width to fit you comfortably at the sides, remembering that we still have front bands to add which will effect the overfall fit.
  • Work the last four rows while casting on one stitch at the upper armhole edge until this edge equals the other. Bind off.
  • Sew the bound off edge to the back of your vest.
  • Repeat for opposite side. Easy or what?



Posted by Jane on 06/25 at 07:45 AM

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Hi Jane, Your photo labeled “sidewinder” shows the other side, where you reverse everything and start on the back, correct?

By Joanne Pherigo on 2011 06 25

Exactly but thye shaping is actually the same for both sides. You actualy don't need to reverse anything but, when you start on the opposite side with right-side facing up, you will be starting at the bottom edge rather than the armhole edge.

By Jane on 2011 06 25

Jane, Am I missing something? I can't find any info on the front bands.

By on 2011 07 11

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