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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

KNIT A BEACH ALONG BEGINS: Day one, beach combing…




Dear Beach-alongers,

Please meet me at the beach…any beach. It can be the one lapping shorelines in your imagination or at the very edge of a childhood memory.  It can be any beach, any where, as long as you can evoke it by color and mood—the breeze in your hair, the sand between your toes. Below are a few of my favorites, each with a different mood:



Sunny and tropical: Green Island, Queensland, Australia



Silver tide, Port Antonio, Jamaica



South China Sea: Malyasia


In the guide, I mention keeping a journal. Here's what Mardi says this morning on Ravelry:  "I have been reading the guide. One thing you mentioned was to keep a process journal. Here is what I have put together for mine. In a 3-ring notebook, I have the guide. I enlarged the main page photo, and printed it out on a page. On another, you will find the photos taken at Pebble Beach a few weeks ago. Those are back to back in a sheet protector at the front, the guide follows. After the guide, there is lined notebook paper for thoughts, and also plain copy paper for sketching.

I have not put much thought into yarns yet, as I am waiting on more discussion on that subject. However, I have been putting some thought into what it is that I will be making.

This has been an interesting process, as I usually know what I will make, and THEN go about what it will be made of and how it will be done. So, I have been turning possibilities about in my mind, and jotting down thoughts. One thought leads to another and another. At this point, I can see a creation in my minds eye, all the way to the embellishments. Whether or not it actually gets to the finish line this way is yet to be seen. This is a very different way for me to work. It is far more usual for me to see the image in my mind, then go about figuring out how to create it." - Mardi, creator of the Peach Blossom Wrap

  Ah, the challenge….

Posted by Jane on 06/18 at 06:20 AM

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