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Monday, June 30, 2008



OwlKat from Ravelry's mood board


Beach waders are well on their way all across the world right now though at various stages of their projects. Some I've been in contact directly through Ravelry and email while others are just out there knitting along. So, hello to everybody.

 I thought by now I'd be answering all kinds of questions but, so far, everyone just seems to be going for it in a free-spirited wave play. I know  that for many this is not only a first experience with free-form knitting but also the first time they've ever work intarsia and I'm very interested in knowing how you're finding that.

Everybody in the Ravelry group is learning from each other and a few have fought the urge to frog and reknit. And lost. And knit again. Here's a few results emerging:



An evocative Irish-feeling sea by Sidhechilde



Bikergal's tropical beach: she's recovering from surgery and says this project is her therapy!

I amazed by all the pictures 've seen. Everyone's project is unique but equally stunning. Often I find the knitter doesn't initially like her work, a not untypical response to freeform knitting's unpredictable nature, but is encouraged by the others to see it differently. Ah, the power of many eyes. One thing to remember with free-range styles is not to judge the first few inches. Afterall, you don't usually judge a painting by the bottom left-hand corner and the same thinking applies to evocative knitting.  Just go with the flow and wait until enough of shoreline emerges before deciding on anything.


Meanwhile, if you have specific questions or would like more information on techniques, please email me. I'll post pictures you send, too!


Posted by Jane on 06/30 at 06:38 AM

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Woohoo, I'm in print! Back on-line after a week, and back to knitting after having gra-kidlets for a week. This is a splendiferous adventure for me. Newish to knitting, new to putting unfinished items on public view, new fibres, it is all great. What a fabulous community of artists you have gathered! It is hard to put this project away and eat(or do those *must* things! Can hardly wait to see your next! Katt

By OwlKatt on 2008 07 01

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