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Friday, June 10, 2011




My little vest emerges


So, how's it going? I know how hard it is to stop once you've launched a knitting project so I've given you a bigger chunk to knit this time. So far we've launched with about 2 inches of seed stitch, which, in my case, weighs down  and sturdies up the bottom edge.

From here, I changed yarns to the Banyan cotton, a thinner yarn usually recommended for US8/ 5.5 mm needles, and began working basketweave stitch. Basketweave stitch consists of groupings of knits and purls in 'boxed sets' across the row which alternated in intervals as you work up the piece. The sets of purls and knits are alternated above and beside one another to give the basketweave effect. It's such an easy and effective little stitch which grants texture and interest to a piece. Usually, I work basketweave in sets of 6 knits, 6 purls, but here I've gone to sets of 4 and, rather than working them in tidy squares such as 4 rows, I'm creating more elogated strips and working each strip up 8 rows before changing. You can do it however you'd like, of course. In fact, that's the idea.

After working 16 rows of this elogated basketweave, I realized my little purple vest needed something, a little color oomph, so I changed yarns again to a K1Crochet Two Tartlet tape with that same purple mixed with green and gold. Time to add a little air and light into the mix with one of my favorite stitches, simple open work like so:

  • k1, *yo k2tog. Work from * across row, ending with a knit stitch.
  • On reverse row, knit, knitting into the yarnover loops of the previous row to replace stitches

I continued to knit the next two rows with the Tartlette.

Now, consider your options, which is always at the heart of free-range knitting. You could return to the same yarn as used for your basketweave and continue with another 16-row set or continue working a few more rows of simple open work.  I intend to continue with the basketweave in Banyan because, as I study my little piece, I realize that I like the look of the basketweave framed by the bottom seed and openwork row. When I pick up my needles, I like the way the knitted fabric drapes, its feel and sense of knitterly purpose. And, more importantly, I'm already getting ideas for stitches and yarns to pick up along the sides to frame this center back.

Next installment is Sunday, but you already know what I'm going to do next, right? By the time Sunday rolls around, we'll consider neck shaping.

By the way, if you'd like to chat with other knitalongers, you can find a thread in my Ravelry group and on Facebook. If you send me your progress photo, I'll try to post it either here or on one of those forums if you're not linked. Join in!

Posted by Jane on 06/10 at 07:56 AM

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Jane, I don't know if I've missed it somewhere, but what's the approximate yardage needed?

By on 2011 06 10

Good question, Audrie. I didn't even think about yardage but I'm estimating this takes about 200 yards.

By Jane on 2011 06 10

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