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For me, colour and texture rule and most of the inspiration feeding my imagination comes from the natural world. I see knitting as art, as viable as any other, and no matter what the tool or preferred palette, in human hands, magic happens.


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Welcome to my kit shopping page, perfect for yarn lovers and those who either have trouble combining colors or who just can't acquire such lovelies in their area.  Note that silk is my default position and that I regularly plunder the treasures at Fleece Artist and HandMaiden, my local hand-dyeing maestros. However, I literally comb the world for interesting textures and lovely colors. my kits are special. 

However, once these kits are gone, they're gone, as I'm off to compiling another yarn gathering. Often I'll spot a unique hand-dyed yarn and then search out compatible mates in color and texture until I have enough for a kit. I call this yarnscaping. Since many of the yarns found are one-of-a-kind, they become nearly impossible to duplicate.

My gatherings of color and texture work perfectly with any multi-yarn project and most come in quantities suitable for vests, wraps or shrugs. Just by adding a base color, you can often extend these kits to cover most any project. All kits come with your PDF pattern of choice. Just select one from my pattern page and I'll send it to you in PDF form by email. All kits come in a clear plastic project bag.

Fiber Fixes are like kits gone lite. With less yardage and only three-to four balls of yarn, they provide tasty little samples where you can try extraordinary yarn for much less than you could manage otherwise. All Fiber Fixes come with a package of coordinating beads plus a print copy of my popular Breeze pattern. A bargain.

All kits come pre-wound in balls ready for knitting except for full hanks of 200 yards or more.

A flat shipping rate of $15.00 applies for all US and Canadian orders. Because the packages are often crossing borders, they often get snagged at customs, making things slower than I'd like. Expect a delivery time of three weeks. If you'd prefer a guaranteed delivery of 1 week through UPS, just email me and I'll arrange it for an additional $10. Overseas customers, please email me and I'll give you a price (PS: I do supplement overseas shipping to make it more affordable).


Monitors and perceptions of colors vary. Please email me if you are resolute on receiving specific tones that may not be exactly as you expect when seen in person. I OFFER EXCHANGES ON ALL KITS WITHIN 20 DAYS OF PURCHASE BUT NO REFUNDS unless materials are defective or I've made an error.



Knit long and be happy!

Winter Iris Fiber Fix


Winter Iris because I have these same colors in a bowl on my kitchen table. The Fix includes:


175 yards raw silk by Mango Moon in hay

130 yards pure silk by Handmaiden in radiant Orchid

80 yards Crystal Palace Deco Ribbon in Straw into Gold

1 random pattern

Price: $50.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Moon Enhancement Fiber Fix Starshine


Good morning's another sparkle enhancement to your new moon creations:

80 yards Artyards Dazzle beaded silk in purple

75 Artyarns Beaded Silk in magenta

100 yards Artyarns merino cashmere in deep purple

35 yards beaded silk for starshine

Price: $100.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Moon Enhancements 2 Fiber Fix



Calling all Moon Knitters! Here's some of the same yarn I knit my SECOND moon design:


219 yards Big Merino Cloud merino & cashmere by Artyarns


80 yards Artyarns silk and beaded Dazzle magenta

110 yards silk and beaded Artyarns purble silk


Price: $95.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Moon Enhancements 1 Fiber Fix


Any Knit Down theMoon Knitters out there? Here's some moon enhancements to perk up your design:


110 yards Artyards silk beaded dazzle in purple

75 yards Artyarns silk beaded dazzle in magenta

200 yards Artyarns sparkle kid silk mohair in purple

Price: $85.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Habitat Habu Destashing


It's rare, it's hard to find....the guy on the left is Habu Textiles linen. You've probably never seen anything like it. It's measured in weight and comes in at 1.5 oz. It's keeping company in this  destashing event with 50 yards of a dual-colored tape yarn tha knits up like a dream.

Price: $20.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Sping Dreaming


Add a jolt of sherbert to you winter diet with this collection of coral yarns. Fimnd:

  • 80 yards Colinette Point Five , a wool dual colored tape with rich terra cotta colors
  • 50 yards Spanish Katia tape in terracotta
  • 70 yardsluminous Blue Heron Rayon Metallic in variegated tones

Price: $30.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Sweet Spot Fiber Fix


Yes, that really is 100 yards of Alchemy's Silken Straw you see there along with 221 meters of Colinette's kid mohair Paisienne all in luchious sunset colors.

Price: $40.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Silken Chocolate Fiber Fix


Two skeins Sea Si1k 38.95 eac1

Price: $50.00

Quantity: (1 available)



French Linen & Silk


I skein Handmaiden Flaxen (linen & silk) in buttercup reg. 38.95

1 skein Sea Silk in variegated browns/yellows/blues reg. 38.95

Price: $60.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Amber & Rosewood Fiber Fix

  • 1 skein Silk Maide 50 silk/50 wool reg. 32.95
  • 1 skein Sea Silk reg price 38.95

Price: $55.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Venetian Velvet 2



That really is Venetian velvet you see behind the yarn. It's in a color I love--burnt orange. Here's a kit that captures the colors and the mood. The kit includes:

  • a full hank of Artyarns extrafine merino and cashmere (219 yards) in varigated soft brown and burnt orange
  • 130 yards Handmaiden Silk Maiden in deep red brown
  • 95 yards Handmaiden Mulberry silk in a custom colorway burnt orange/gold/burnt sugar
  • 80 yards variegated burnt orange and brown silk with tiny gold beads
  • 85 variegated merino and cashmere merino/cashmere
  • 200 yards Artyarns sequins & black beads
  • 1 print copy of Silk & Sparkle pattern

Price: $185.00

Quantity: (1 available)



First Snow


For the woodsy lovers, here's a combination of a wal;k in  the woods just before the first snow. The colors are muted, yet rich. The kit includes: 


  • a full hank (273 yards) of Handmaiden's Silk Maiden (50 silk/50 merino) in burnt sugar brown
  • 130 yards Double Sea Silk in varigated brown and green
  • 142 yards i-silk in light green
  • 50 yards Double Sea in green
  • 50 yards in Great Adirondack sparkle ribbon in green/brown
  • 30 meters Artyarns beaded& sequined silk in taup

Price: $150.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Christmas Cactus


I have a Christmas cactus in these colors exactlt and the blooms brighten up my kitchen throughout the year. Celebrate this cheery little show-off with this kit which includes:

  • 120 yards Double Sea Silk in green
  • 80 yards i-silk in rosy pink
  • 75 yards i-silk in deeper rose
  • 100 yards Artyarns cashmere-merino in cream
  • 100 yards Artyarns cashmere merino in snow
  • 30 yards Artyarns beaded silk in variegated snow/cream/green with gold beads
  • 1 print copy of Silk & Sparkle wrap

Price: $165.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Winter Rose



Beautiful Yarns in gorgeous colors, perfect to enhance winter sparkle. The kit includes:


  1. 142 yards Handmaiden  i-silkmain in a lovely shade of old rose
  2. 125 yards Double Sea Silk in variegated rose pink
  3. 125 yards of amethyst rose in pure silk75 yards of i-silk in deep rose
  4. 100 yards Art Yarns cashmere/merino in cream
  5. 35 yards ArtYarns beaded silk for blending sparkle 
  6. 1 print copy of Silk & Sparkle pattern

Price: $175.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Buttercream Destash


100 yards Alpaca Pillow yarn from Bagsmith (bulky)

150 meters German fringe yarn perfect for textury creations (bulky)

Price: $25.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Special Effects Destash Gold & Silver

Three special effects to add that snappy bit of texture:


100 yhards Black & gold rairoad yarn

25 yards Mango moon ribbon in black and silver

75 yards Louisa Harding's Sar Ribbon in black/green with silver

Price: $35.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Destash Spring rain



It's never too early to dream of spring with:


80 yards green suede-like yarn

80 yards Blue Her Metallic doubled

55 yards lime green tapes

Price: $35.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Ochre Rios Destash


Bargain basement prices never looked so scrumptious with these mustardy tapes and texture enhances. The group contains:

159 yards Italian rainroad yarn for carryalong texture

90 yards Mango Moon Silky ribbon

75 yards wool/cotton in mustard sees

Price: $30.00

Quantity: (1 available)





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