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For me, colour and texture rule and most of the inspiration feeding my imagination comes from the natural world. I see knitting as art, as viable as any other, and no matter what the tool or preferred palette, in human hands, magic happens.


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Welcome to my kit shopping page, perfect for yarn lovers and those who either have trouble combining colors or who just can't acquire such lovelies in their area.  Note that silk is my default position and that I regularly plunder the treasures at Fleece Artist and HandMaiden, my local hand-dyeing maestros. However, I literally comb the world for interesting textures and lovely colors. my kits are special. 

However, once these kits are gone, they're gone, as I'm off to compiling another yarn gathering. Often I'll spot a unique hand-dyed yarn and then search out compatible mates in color and texture until I have enough for a kit. I call this yarnscaping. Since many of the yarns found are one-of-a-kind, they become nearly impossible to duplicate.

My gatherings of color and texture work perfectly with any multi-yarn project and most come in quantities suitable for vests, wraps or shrugs. Just by adding a base color, you can often extend these kits to cover most any project. All kits come with your PDF pattern of choice. Just select one from my pattern page and I'll send it to you in PDF form by email. All kits come in a clear plastic project bag.

Fiber Fixes are like kits gone lite. With less yardage and only three-to four balls of yarn, they provide tasty little samples where you can try extraordinary yarn for much less than you could manage otherwise. All Fiber Fixes come with a package of coordinating beads plus a print copy of my popular Breeze pattern. A bargain.

All kits come pre-wound in balls ready for knitting except for full hanks of 200 yards or more.

A flat shipping rate of $15.00 applies for all US and Canadian orders. Because the packages are often crossing borders, they often get snagged at customs, making things slower than I'd like. Expect a delivery time of three weeks. If you'd prefer a guaranteed delivery of 1 week through UPS, just email me and I'll arrange it for an additional $10. Overseas customers, please email me and I'll give you a price (PS: I do supplement overseas shipping to make it more affordable).


Monitors and perceptions of colors vary. Please email me if you are resolute on receiving specific tones that may not be exactly as you expect when seen in person. I OFFER EXCHANGES ON ALL KITS WITHIN 20 DAYS OF PURCHASE BUT NO REFUNDS unless materials are defective or I've made an error.



Knit long and be happy!

Phoebe kit 1


It's gorgeous, that's all I can say. Check it out:


  • 275 yards Handmaiden Double Sea in variegated ocean
  • 90 yards Handmaiden silk in Seabottom green
  • 100 yards Artyards cashmere/merino in variegated brown/rust
  • 40 yards sparkle ribbon in blue/green/purple
  • 55 yards green cotton tape
  • 40 yards of sea grass texture
  • 100 yards SeaSilk in light green
  • 65 yards of a fabulous coppery textured yarn
  • 25 yards silk beaded carry along yarn from Planet Earth Fibers
  • 1 copy of Phoebe's design

Price: $190.00

Quantity: (0 available)



Phoebe’s kit 3


Deep Sea texture dives deep into the kelp gardens with this lovely collection of yarnns. Want texture? Here it is. The kit contains:

  • 125 yards olive green SeaSilk by Handmaiden
  • 130 yards coordinating silk/ kid mohair from Handmaiden
  • 95 yards Handmaiden's Angelhair in silk/kid plied together green/bliue/plum
  • 30 yards Crystal Palace Glam ribbon in green
  • 60 yards high txture cotton boucle
  • 95 yards Artyarns DK turquoise beaded silk
  • 65 yards Artyarns Dk beaded silk in copper
  • lengths of hand-dyed silk for tying on a la Phoebe
  • a copy of Phoebe's wrap

Price: $185.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Phoebe Kit 4


Another sea-bottom texture fest, this one with strips of hand-dyed silk for tying on a la Phoebe. The kit includes:

96 yards Handmaiden silk & kid Angelhair

40 yards of Fiesta's gorgeous sparkle mohair in deep burnished brown with inclusions

80 yards Artyarns double sparkle silk in copper

80 yards Artyarns double sparkle silk in turquoise

100 yards of chartreuse cotton

85 yards camel silk from Handmaiden in chartreuse

1 copy of Phoebe's wrap

Price: $160.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Phoebe’s Kelp Wrap Kit 8


Phoebe's undersea adventures are given a luxe  attitude with a full hank of Handmaiden Double Sea with which to play. The kit includes:

273 yards of Handmaiden Double Sea in Atlantic blue

100 yards Artyarns variegated brown cashmere/merino

120 yards Handmaiden Silk Maiden in golden brown

40 yards of a sparkly blue/green/brown ribbon

50 yards of kelpy textured Feza ribbon and fringe

80 yards Borocco suede in algae green

Phoebe's Kelpy design


Price: $180.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Phoebe’s Kelp Wrap Kit 9



I began collecting the turquoises for this creation months ago begining with this cashmere/merino blend from ArtYarns. Included are strips of hand-dyed silk from Soul Silks in Santa Fe. The kit includes:

  • 100 yards variegated blue-green cashmere/merino from Artyarns
  • 80 yards Blue Heron Rayon Metallic doubled in light green
  • 30 yards hugh textured kelpy boucle
  • 95 yards Handmaiden Mulberry Tussah in bronze
  • 75 yards  mustard greensilk cotton
  • 120 yards Handmaiden Silk Maiden in seabottom green
  • lengths of torn silk to tie in through the drop stitches aka Phoebe
  • 1 PDF copy of Phoebe's design
  • 120 yards Silk Maiden in teal

Price: $130.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Fresh Blooms Fiber Fix


Don't you just yearn to knit with these colors? I do and have, dreaming of spring all the while. The gathering of lovelies includes: 80 yards of Art Yarns beaded silk in magenta and purple keeping company with Handmaiden vcariegated Double Sea in plum and magenta and a dreamy hank of Art Yarnd silvered silk and mohair. A random pattern is included.

Price: $90.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Mountain Dusk De-Stash


The colors of a mountain dusk (or dawn) are what these hues remind me of. The kit contains:

120 yards Handmaiden Sea Silk in Passion Flower

125 Handmaiden pure silk in mauve

55 yards Fiesta chenille in dusky terracotta and mauve

 random pattern

Price: $50.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Peony Fiber Fix


Peony colors, your harbringer of spring. The Fiber Fix includes:

142 yards of Handmaiden  i-silk in peony

125 yards Handmaiden Sea Silk in peony

120 yards Handmaiden sea silk in Passion Flower


1 random pattern

Price: $85.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Berry Box de-stash


That's 100 yards of Handmaiden Mulberry Silk Tussah in variegated bronze/grey/red

115 yards Blue Heron Rayon Metalic

50 grams Patons English Super Chenille

Price: $45.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Net Worth de-Stash


Two textured carry-alongs with pure silk ribbon in delicious blue. This bundle includes:

55 yards railroad yarn

65 yards tuffed yarn

36 yards pure silk ribbon

Price: $30.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Amber & Butterscotch Fiber Fix


! full hank (274 yards) of Handmaiden Silk Maiden in Butterscotch plus 1 95 yards each of Handmaiden Mulberery silk in sunset and variegated gold/orange/deep red. 1 random pattern is included. 

Price: $100.00

Quantity: (1 available)





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