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For me, colour and texture rule and most of the inspiration feeding my imagination comes from the natural world. I see knitting as art, as viable as any other, and no matter what the tool or preferred palette, in human hands, magic happens.


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Jewelry has long been a passion. I love the feel of a beautiful stone, the soft glint of metal, the color and texture of natural elements married on a strand. I also believe that stones have special powers, sometimes endowed by a love an individual may feel towards a special piece and sometimes encapsulated in the stone itself.

Wherever I travel, I forage for lovely elements from Baltic amber to Berber silver, each piece selected for its unique qualities. These pieces are created from the heart. They are one-ofs, never mass-produced,  and can be customized by length, if desired. In rare cases, I can make similiar pieces in another metal or in different colors. Don't hesitate to ask.


Jasper and Juniper


A lovely piece of jasper swirled in silver and copper wire work with touches of agate, raku leaves, and sterling with copper beads makes this a unique piece. The toggle clossing is sterling. 20 " long.

Price: $140.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Beyond Turquoise


A southwestern turquoise nugget hands from a sterling silver bail amid turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine, more silver, glass, and pearls. The clasp is also genuine sterling silver. 18 " long.

Price: $150.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Florentine Honey drop


Behold, a disc fashioned from genuine Florintine book end paper suspended with irridescent glass, amber, and green ceramic beads with a gold-plated leaf clasp. 18" long.

Price: $110.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Dragon in the Turqouise Garden


A brass dragonfly clings to a summer disc of green turquoise. Art class beads, a round, polished abalone orb, plus luminous glass beads withmore  brass and green turquoise accents make this a stunning talisman for the dragonfly lover. 19" long

Price: $95.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Sea foam


All the hues of a beach-- sea foam green, copper, bronze, sand and cream cavort in this wave-ful necklace featuring a raku focal , wave art beads, glass, agate, and flanking flourite and aquamarine nuggets. For sea lovers, these soft hues are so calming. 18 " long. Copper toggle clasp.

Price: $115.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Between the Leaves

A beautiful oval of green turquoise is suspended below forest jasper and a faceted agate below two hand-scrafted glass leaves. Amber, pearls and painted wood make up the rest of the composition with hand-dyed silk ribbons making the necklace adjustable.

Price: $105.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Leaf Lights bracelet and necklace set


Here forest jasper embraces pools of translucence like forest pools, a mood I've evoked by watery glass, ceramic beads. Sterling Silver toggle. 8" long.The companion earrings are delicate hand-blown leaf glass with intricate artisa glass 'fruit' beads, a combination which goes with the bracelet without matching exactly. BHoth pieces included.

Price: $105.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Earth Effects


Show the earth you care with this ode to subterrainian glory featuring a slice of 'white turquoise' flanked by agate and jasper, along with cobal (youth amber -- age only in the millions of years), tiger eye, seed pods, brass, glass and pearls. 17" long

Price: $50.00

Quantity: (1 available)





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