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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Two Designs, one Mango Moon = fun!

Aussie Kate Struts her Stuff with Branches & Dunes
Works in Progress
Cynthia's Not a Ponch, complete with Moon
Someone asked me what it was about knitters, seeing that all the gatherings she'd been on had connected her with kindred spirits (Jeannie's been on three now). I had to think about that for a moment since an estimated  60,000,000 knit and not everyone is the same. Still, I'm willing to agree that all knitters are special and that those attracted to my free-range philosophy seem to be a fun-loving, explorative bunch, making them even more special. Anyway, we certainly all enjoy one another's company!
Mango Moon Groupies

Posted by Jane on 09/17 at 05:33 AM

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I wasn't born with envy in my heart - but looking at these pictures and the incredible yarn - even at my old age I might just learn to be VERY envious !!!

By Lauragais on 2011 09 23

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