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Friday, July 20, 2007




I'm sure you all agree that yarn is special. Very special. If it weren't, we'd be out spending all our money on dishtowels or cushion covers or something. But, no, many of us are seriously addicted to yarn. Why? What is it about yarn that draws us forward again and again. Now, at last, I believe I have the answer: yarn lives. Yes! Unlike with cushion covers, with yarn you can commune on a deeply satisfying level, actually speak to it and hear it speaking back. Yes, after all this time, the truth will out: yarn talks. Time to listen. But first you must learn to be a yarn whisperer.

How can you be a yarn whisperer, you ask? Simple, oh so simple. You must begin with understanding the two basic truths in the sociology of yarn:

  • Yarn is a social creature. The undenialble proof exists in any yarn shop. Simply survey the shelves and all you will see is yarn hanging out in packs.
  •  Yarn yearns to mingle with others of its kind as well as others in its divergent fiber species. Yarn by nature is nomadic, exploratory, and will work well with others if properly understood.


A picture of tribal unity, complements of String Theory, Blue Hill Maine

Amed with this knowledge, you are now ready to begin yarn whispering.Take a skein of hand-dyed or variegated yarn that attracts you and hold it in your hands. Study it, turning it over and over, allowing it’s texture and color to fill your senses. Identify specific colors or color blends that make up the yarn. What, if anything, do these colors remind you of? Often color, like scent, evokes potent, if buried, memories. The trick is to follow your imagination (yes, you DO have an imagination!)  and quiet your mind long enough to hear what you’re thinking. This is the ‘whispering’ state. Enter it and let the yarn guide you…


Posted by Jane on 07/20 at 02:30 PM

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This yarn must be straight from Santa Fe. It's actually whispering "stone-ground mustard! ...perfect on a knackwurst!" It is beautiful, and I hope we will get to see, sometime in the future, just what it has whispered to you, and what friends you have brought along with it. Just out of curiosity, what name have you given this squirrel branch of your family?

By Mardi on 2007 07 21

:)Yes you must be gentle with it though.I swear mine purrs when snuggled up close on the couch as I turn it and it's friends into garments was "born" for it.

By angie Cox on 2007 07 22

Recent Comments I've almost finished Rouge Wave and anxiously awaiting Book II. Do you have any idea when it will be available?

By Verlene Brooks on 2014 08 22
From the entry 'Rogue Wave nearing completion!'.




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