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Friday, February 24, 2012





Here's a sketch I made for a top similiar to Lapis Lazuli only knit with a asymetrical front and strap addition. I imagine this worn over jeans or a long skirt. Sometimes the boho creeps into me.

But today, my 'sketches' are more fibrous and experimental. Here you see what happens when I just sit down and knit with no fixed address. In this case, I'm playing with feather and fan, my favorite stitch for movement and light. Dusk to Dawn shrug, Leaf Light's Hydrangea top and , of course, the Feather and Fan Organic Wrap, are only a few of the designs featuring feather and fan. Stand by for feather and fan SHORT ROWS next!



The Dance of the Feather and Fan

Posted by Jane on 02/24 at 07:09 AM

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Dear Jane, I am living very far from you - Europe, Czech rep. town Hradec Kralove. Accidentally I appear your web, because I like knitting and creativ activity. I admire conjuction between simplicity of technology and work with colors. I am 66 year old [ garden and landscape designer] , and I remembered my youth, when I was used to do everything of clothing for the whole my family of myself, because I like origin. Regularly I visit your site, just now I think out very intensively - how to do such waves? Excuse me my very simple English, but I want to express my pleasure you bring me by watching your sites. Yours sincerely Dana Vobornikova

By Dana Vobornikova, Dipl. ing. on 2012 02 24

Rather love this "Fan Dance". Breathtaking color combinations, as usual.

By Angeluna on 2012 02 24

Wow! The Dance of the Feather & Fan is fabulous! Love how the short rows change the look completely without losing the basic flow.

By on 2012 02 25

Recent Comments I've almost finished Rouge Wave and anxiously awaiting Book II. Do you have any idea when it will be available?

By Verlene Brooks on 2014 08 22
From the entry 'Rogue Wave nearing completion!'.




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