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Friday, August 26, 2011

Truth in Knitwearing


The Forest Flow Vest, Riverside on my new model

It's time for truth in knitwearing. No, I am no longer showing my designs modeled on the lovely Hannah Epstein, though I miss her engaging conversations and beauty. The truth is, most of you are not in your twenties and so perhaps prefer to see knitwear modeled on someone more your age and shape. Like me. Please note: I am not young and lean. I have spent a lifetime perusing glossy magazines, my gaze sliding over fashion's idea of perfection: impossibly proportioned, a size 0 (that's nothing!) and young, young, young. Even at 25, I didn't look like that.

It's time to redefine perfection: whatever you look like now is perfect, thank you.

So, here's to our collective bodies, the ones that gave birth to children, savoured a multitude of cheesecake, laughed, cried and danced. Here's to the faces that show signs of laughter liberally applied and who wear their experience with pride. We are the new perfection. Celebrate!

Posted by Jane on 08/26 at 05:10 PM

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Jane, that's so flattering. When will the pattern be ready for us?

By tryingitall on 2011 08 26

APPLAUSE!!!!! to you and all the REAL women.

By Elske on 2011 08 27

The pattern will be coming out next week along with the Branches & Dunes Serape, the Amber Forest Top, wraps and scarves.

By Jane on 2011 08 27

Jane, this is perfect! What a wonderful vest and you look fabulous in it. Hooray for wearing out own creations! Kudos to you!

By Yarnplenty on 2011 08 27

It is time to celebrate, thank you!!!

By Patti aka oldgoatwoman on 2011 08 27

Thank you for this ... you are awesome - can't wait for the new guide - all the previews have fingers itching & mouthes watering

By dora713 on 2011 08 27

Can't wait for the new stitch. Hope to incorporate it in many of my future projects. Thanks!

By janet Duvall on 2011 08 27

You look lovely Jane and agelessly beautiful! The new design is fabulous in that intense rust and jade and shades in between.

By Mardi on 2011 08 28

Cheers to the most beautiful model you ever had! So nice to see you wearing your own designs. You are the best spokesperson they could have.

By Linda, Knitting on Circular Needles on 2011 08 28

How wonderful, Jane! You are an ideal model - lovely, lean enough, and inspiring! You never fail to amaze me with your personal style and creative spirit. Keep creating and modeling! You look G R E A T!!!

By Louise Giordano on 2011 08 29

Bravo to you Jane ... that is one stunning vest and model.

By Verna on 2011 08 29

Thanks for all your kind comments, every one. The key is to knit what you want and wear what you want. That's freedom.

By Jane on 2011 08 29

Way to go, Jane. You ROCK! ! ! Kaye in GA, USA

By Kaye Hardy on 2011 08 29

Completely agree with jane, that there is no age limitations for knit wearing and it's evergreen.

By lawyers auckland on 2011 08 30

Wonderful blog post, Jane, and SO true! The German magazine Brigitte has been featuring fashion worn by "regular people" for quite some time now and it was and it a huge success. We all change with age and never has it been easier to wear, with confidence, what we feel like and what we like - especially with your wide range of beautiful garments, wraps, shawls and vests. This Forest Flow Pattern is a perfect example for your philosophy! Thanks!

By Lauragais on 2011 08 30

You've given me something important to think about.... To cease striving for something unattainable.

By Nancy on 2011 09 09

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By rosasafes on 2011 10 27

Recent Comments I've almost finished Rouge Wave and anxiously awaiting Book II. Do you have any idea when it will be available?

By Verlene Brooks on 2014 08 22
From the entry 'Rogue Wave nearing completion!'.




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