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Wednesday, August 24, 2011



The Scarf

The scarf is often the first thing we learn to knit and our favorite go-to project for exploring new stitches but why only wear it around your neck? Why not make it wider for a furl of color and texture across your shoulders, a la wrap?


Now that autumn cometh in Northern climes, I'm taking to wearing my scarves across the shoulders, front and back, and fastening it on one side. This, I discovered, will focus the eye of the beholder on my stitches rather than my frame, drawing attention closer to my face rather than on the results of past chocolate fests and buttery treats.  


Here you see my Amber Waves scarf (limited kits coming, too), part of the Branches and Dunes Evocative guide coming next week, worn over a jacket to best reveal a little stitch magic. If people study the rows of beaded yarns (Art Yarns and Mango Moon), all the better. Wearing knitwear is a beautiful thing made more so since it takes a swathe of loveliness out into the world to be appreciated by those eye-wear souls beaten down by the ordinary. If you knit, you create. Wear it proudly. 

Posted by Jane on 08/24 at 07:20 AM

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Amen to that ! ! !

By Kaye Hardy on 2011 08 24

I'm on my way toSouth Africa. I stoppedmby a new shop in Chagrin Falls Ohio, The Artful Yarn because the shop carried yarn produced in South Africa. One thing lead to another and to Ravelry. So much inspiration and at the time of year for gathering yarn. NortheastmOhio get plenty of snow.

By Nancy on 2011 08 26

Recent Comments I've almost finished Rouge Wave and anxiously awaiting Book II. Do you have any idea when it will be available?

By Verlene Brooks on 2014 08 22
From the entry 'Rogue Wave nearing completion!'.




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