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Friday, May 13, 2011




Fresh-baked Squash



Here's a wavy, richly-textured, scarf to swirl around your neck. No new purchase needed. One of the most popular of my free patterns, I'm reposting it here in case you missed it. Try using up bits and batts of stashed yarn or spring for a fat, chunky hank of handspun, hand-dyed, yarn. The design also works perfectly with silk and any light fiber, too.

To begin, gather the following ingredients:

  • 1 set of circular needles size US11/8mm
  • Small quantities of the best, most delectable, fiber such as hand-dyed, hand-spun, yarns, silky ribbons and anything with chunky inclusions. This mix is of the hearty variety so don't scrimp on nutrition.


  • pre-heat needles (just joking!)
  • Cast-on 100 stitches using a thick, aran-weight yarn.
    • Knit two rows. On next right-side row, work the feather and fan stitch across the row. Feather & fan stitch consists of : K1, *knit two together (k2tog) 6 times followed by yarn over knit 1 (yo k1) 6 times.* Work this pattern set to the end of the row end of the row.
    •  Knit the next two rows
    • Change yarns to your heartiest fiber to knit two more rows, ending on the right-hand side.
    • Change yarns to a ribbon or tape such as Mango Moons Silky Ribbon and work one row of simple open stitch as follows:
      • Knit 1, wrap yarn around the needle once and knit two together (yok2tog). Repeat across row. On reverse row, knit the stitches knit on the right side including loops formed by the wraps. Repeat this sequence for another 2-row set.

Repeat the sequence above in reverse, ending with a feather&fan row followed by two rows of knit. Bind off.



Now take something interesting or yummy like ribbon or hand-spun yarn to weave through the openings formed by the openwork running down the middle. Using a tapestry needle, I wove silk ribbon in and out through these 'tracks', moving back from one track to another to form a silky meandering reminscent of butter dolloped on sweet potato.



The finished creation will be thick and wavy with lots of chunky texture to curl around your neck.



Posted by Jane on 05/13 at 08:26 AM

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I am trying to print your free scarp pattern. but you have a black background and it will only black and I cannot read the directions. Is there soemthing I should be doing to get it to print correctly. Mariann Pinterich

By mariann pinterich on 2011 05 18

Gracias por compartir esta bufanda, es hermosa así como todos los diseños, el colorido y los diseños son espectaculares. saludos

By lilia carolina on 2011 06 20

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