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Monday, August 01, 2011

They Walk Among Us Continues. Meet Bizzie Lizzie


 On Ravelry, this prolific knitter/crocheter is known for the sheer abundance of brave, innovative, totally 'out there' creations that seem to fly off her hooks and needles. Does she ever sleep? Does her imagination ever rest? We hope not. Here's Liz in her own words:

My name, bizzielizzie, says it all…...I just can’t stop being busy. I have been a runner for many years, but after a bad fall in January, 2010 I have channelled my energies into knitting and crochet.

I started knitting in primary school and like others, used patterns to knit for my family and myself for many years until my daughters reached their teens.  After a break of many years, I went back to knitting in 2008, and in 2009 I went on a refresher crochet course (having only dabbled in this a very long time ago). Here I bought a book by Prudence Mapstone .....and this is what set me off on my journey of exploration! About this time I joined ravelry and was soon being impressed by other designers.

In November 2009, I joined Jane’s group and have been following the KALs with great interest. Seeing how Jane and the other members of the group have combined colours and worked with different yarns and textures has been an influence in many of my projects….. one of the most recent KALs has not only inspired a tunic, but also another 5 further creations!

I have no training in art/craft apart from a Dress and Design course in my last year at school. 20 years ago I made a series of patchwork quilts and experimented with various forms of embroidery.

I love shape, colour and texture and draw inspiration from what is around me. LIZ




JANE: Liz, one thing (one of the many things,  actually) that amazes me about you is your prolificness. I've never seen so many complex creations arrive so quickly. How do you do it?
LIZ: When I get an idea in my head, I just want to work on it and get it out! I used to spend a lot of my days and evenings on my projects (my 52 Scrumble Sweaterdress took many, many hours and was a major challenge to take on at such an early stage of my freeforming experience.) I now only work on my projects in the evenings. The ideas keep coming though….....
JANE:  You combine crochet with knitting effortlessly as if you constantly think in two languages. How did this come to be?

LIZ: I learned to make scrumbles (joining small pieces of knitting and crochet) from one of Prudence Mapstone’s books and later I was inspired by Fridakahlo’s designs. I had dabbled a little with mixing the two back in 1994 but never developed it.

JANE:  And you are so brave! I will never forget the time you knit a fountain, just one of the many things most wouldn't dare dream of let alone bring into action. Has this inexhaustible spirit always been part of who you are?

LIZ: I was thinking of something watery for the Summer Vacation project and that photo sprung to mind. I saw that I could reproduce the water and fountain Jane-style and considered how to do the rest. And the face?.....just my imagination. 

When I was working and given an “impossible” task, I learned to break things down into small steps and that approach certainly helps when I take on challenges now.

JANE: All right Liz, I ask everyone this: do you wear your creations?

LIZ: I certainly do, although I was a bit self-conscious at first! Now I just wear them every time I go to concerts, galleries etc, and in the summer when I can’t wear the warmer garments, I can use my bags.

  JANE:  Does your enthusiasm ever wane and do you think it will last indefinitely?

LIZ:  Well, I continually have ideas in my head, and as I work on each project, the next one is getting worked out. I would like to experiment with other techniques so I see no end in the foreseeable future, despite DH saying “Is that the last one then?”.






Posted by Jane on 08/01 at 11:28 AM
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