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Thursday, December 03, 2009


Three new designs to share:


ICE AGE: close up


'ICE AGE' was born from a thick slab of white agate that hung from its silver shank like a chunk of glacier. I imagined it bound with an old Tebetan silver and bone bead I found years ago then strung with Zuni fetishes, amber, fossil stone and agate. Talk about drama around the neck.




This piece told me what it wanted—a mingle of turquoise dancing around two pieces of antique African brass. Besides the composite turquoise focal from New Mexico, turquoise from Istanbul, China and Persia complete the dance.




The Turquoise Trail



Sky on Stone bracelet

More turquoise, this time mixed with silver, copper, pearls and two Zuni bear fetishes complete "Sky on Stone' bracelet.

Posted by Jane on 12/03 at 08:27 AM
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Friday, November 06, 2009


Emerald  Wood
The lore of stones and gems claim emeralds as a stone of strength, that a protective shield will be evoked
for the wearer. This necklaces features a jasper focal pendant dangling from a hammered copper toggle flanked
above by a rough faceted emerald of a good size. It's companion, a piece of bronzy chalcedony, is also a
bearer of strength.
Amber and pearls line the length along with raku and jasper.
River Pool
My river forms a stillwater right beside the front yard, a pool that welcomes goddesses
for cool dips on heated days. As the sun strokes the river's surface, mysterious light breaks through her smokey depths
in fleeting currents of amber, ruby and silver. This necklace holds the pool encorcelled in silvered-limned agate with Baltic amber,
boulder opal, and pearl amid the silver. 
Riverpool on Deck
The Last Hydrangea Necklace
These are the last flowers to bloom in my garden and the least willing to let go of the stem. If left alone to winter gusts, many
still will be found clinging in the spring. I admire such temerity. It means something in these days of letting go and moving on.
This necklace, composed of copper leaves, ruby zoisite, art glass will glisten around
someone's neck through the long days of winter and beyond.

Posted by Jane on 11/06 at 11:35 AM
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The Celtic crosses are typically made in both silver and gold and can come in many forms. They are made in pendants to be used as necklaces as well as earrings. You can also find them on rings and bracelets.

By fashion jewelry on 2011 02 06

From the entry 'MY INSPIRATION IN STONES AND FINDINGS, Autumn 09 edition'.

By Pearl on 2010 04 07

From the entry 'Where the Wild Things Are'.
Wow, I love that butter amber creation.

By Verna on 2010 01 30

From the entry 'WINTER LIGHT DESIGNS'.
Jane, this is seriously gorgeous. Just imagining how beautiful this would be on. Where is your buy now or envy button?

By Margaret Pittman on 2010 01 28

From the entry 'WINTER LIGHT DESIGNS'.
Turquoise is a favorite of mine and these are absolutely lovely. Jane you have created another masterpiece.

By Verna on 2009 12 03

From the entry 'MY INSPIRATION IN STONES AND FINDINGS, Autumn 09 edition'.
How have I missed all these before? Everything is lovely, so evocative and ethereal, the sorts of jewelry that make me just get all daydream-y. Beautiful! Susie TheAntiquePalette.etsy.com

By Susan Land on 2009 11 10

From the entry 'LEAF FORMS TO WEAR'.
LOVE your work! A girl after my own heart! I just started playing with beads last year and am learning more every day. Thanks for sharing--your work is beautiful! Peggy

By Peggy on 2007 11 07

From the entry 'LEAF FORMS TO WEAR'.
:kiss: Jane, your Leaf Arror Necklace would look beautiful on anyone. Your designs and actual pieces get better as days go on. My problem is that I want them all. Jackie

By JACQUELYN on 2007 09 28

:-) Jane, the Raku necklace is magnificent. You should design kits where we could make jewelry the same or similar to yours. Jackie

By JACQUELYN on 2007 09 01

Hi - For some resons (on my end) I have had toruble posting but here I am! I think a jewlery along is in order after the ocean cruise knitting. Santa Fe and Nova Scotia sound interesting...

By janice on 2007 03 22

Very cool Jane! I have been visiting this page every so often to see if you have come up with inspirations for your newer knitwear, as you usually do. It is such a wonderful idea to make jewelry to accent the awesome knits you create, and for us too. When a free~ranger gets into the spirit of a project, it just naturally wants to flow into the accessories. I should be thinking ahead to create something wonderful for the emerging Ocean project. Ir makes me think of turquiose, silvery, some purple, and little driftwood bits. ...To remember those poor ships lost at sea. And greeny somethings of kelp and seaweed. Maybe even a touch of coral to spark it off.

By Mardi on 2007 03 11

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