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For me, colour and texture rule and most of the inspiration feeding my imagination comes from the natural world. I see knitting as art, as viable as any other, and no matter what the tool or preferred palette, in human hands, magic happens.


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Bead Kits

I have many passions, one being beads. I collect them wherever I go, always seeking out the unique, the most interesting, stones with special finishes or inclusions. I've been known to barter with Berbers in Morocco, commission raku in California and forage for stones in the Grand Bazarre in Istanbul.  My cup (bead drawer) floweth over. Time to de-stash.

These packs are compiled by color with a mix of accents perfect for embellishing knitwear or even for beaders looking for a special accent or two. Check here regulary as the offerings will always be changing.

Embellisment Kit: Summer Garden


Summer Garden Embellishes with gorgeous ribbons and a misty, sparkly mohair:

50 yards (1/2 hank) of Lucca Ribbon in 'Painted Desert'

55 yards Interlacements New York Ribbon

50 yards (1/2 hank) Great Adirondack Clouds

Price: $50.00

Quantity: (0 available)



Embellishment Kit: Rhodo Garden 1


Somthing vibrant to add texture to your work:

  • 1/2 hank (50 yards) Great Adirondack Lucca Ribbon (half of hank shown)
  • 75 yards Interlacements cotton boucle
  • 35 yards Louise Harding Sari Ribbon

Price: $50.00

Quantity: (1 available)



Bohemian Sundance Flower Power



These bright little lovelies are designed to oomph up your knitting game with shots of spring green, high-textured power boosters, glorious ribbon and vibrant mohair. The kit includes:

  • Great Adirondack mohair with sequins in coral and lime
  • 65 yards Great Adirondack Starlight in pink and lime
  • 35 yards great Adirondack rayon ribbon in green and geranium
  • 110 yards Blue Heron silky rayon in verdent green
  • 45 yards tape in lime
  • 95 yards Handmaiden silk in deep red

Price: $125.00

Quantity: (0 available)




Turkish Tassel Solo
This tassel holds central court on the original cluster of three with the bottom two making up the Turkish Tassel Duo pack. This fellow does not have as much brasswork as the pair but does have the added hand-sewn blue beads along its top. All handmade and antique, it's a stunning addition to a shawl bottom or to so many other creative projects. Brass and cotton cording.

Price: $25.00

Quantity: (6 available)




These are the real thing: genuine antigue Turkish tassels hand-maid once used for ceremonial purposes. The caps and fittings are brass with black beads with fuschia stitching hand embroidered over black cords. Add them to shawl ends or to festoon any object! This order comes with two matching tassels.

Price: $65.00

Quantity: (5 available)




FEAST Embellishment Kit
This embellishment cluster is like a feast to my senses -- that color, that texture! The colors melt from gold to green to turquoise to burgundy like a feast. There are two, one featuring a skein of plantearthfibers sequined silk in endive and the other featuring 20 yards of Prism's Galaxy ribbon. This kit includes:
25 yards Plantearthfibers sequined silk in endive
20 yards Great Adirondack Holographic sequined carry along yarn in 'SunDance'
2 embossed raku beads
1 banded agate bead in yellow and green
2 amber beads 2 composite blue/green/turquoise stone beads
2 copper eyepins for making bead dangles
coordinating seed beads

Price: $55.00

Quantity: (0 available)





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