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For me, colour and texture rule and most of the inspiration feeding my imagination comes from the natural world. I see knitting as art, as viable as any other, and no matter what the tool or preferred palette, in human hands, magic happens.


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Saturday, April 19, 2014

When Jane De-Stashes


I make no appologies: I am a yarn collector. I enter yarn stores and buy one or two balls at a time, prompting puzzeled looks from non-free-rangers who are used to a different style of knitting. This means that I acquire yarn with a collector's eye and always on the outlook for the most interesting and beautiful. I also have a thing for silk, lots and lots of silk.

Occasionally, I love a yarn so much, I buy lots of it and try to hang on to a few hanks as part of my collection. This means I've gathered LOTS of yarn over the years. LOTS and LOTS of yarn. Of course, one can never have too much but occasionally I realize that I'm running out of room and start getting into spring cleaning mode. What happens when Jane destashes, anyway? Read on...

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Posted by Jane on 04/19 at 06:40 AM

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

New Pattern: Crocus in the Woods Capelet


Yes, spring may be delayed in some areas until further notice but on our needles, spring is in full bloom!

Grow my new Crocus in the Woods tulip-necked capelet and celebrate the season!

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Posted by Jane on 04/01 at 08:24 AM

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

New Novel Published: Rogue Wave

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Posted by Jane on 03/05 at 07:36 AM

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